How it Works

Easy. Efficient. Cost Effective.

CharterForex offers you an easy and efficient way to send money in or out of South Africa at better exchange rates than your bank can offer you.  How can we do this?  We have partnered with an Authorised Bank who offers preferential rates compared with the big banks, and we charge no administration fees for transactions over R250k.  Is your money safe?  Absolutely.  CharterForex is fully regulated by the Financial Services Board, and your money is always held in a bank account in your name, it isn’t aggregated with other funds or held by Charter Forex at any time.

What would you like to do?

Transfer money out of South Africa

Sending money from South Africa

Did you know that each calendar year you can transfer:

Transfers over R10 million are also possible subject to SARB approval, Charter Forex can assist you with this process.

Transfer money into South Africa

Whether you are repatriating your salary from abroad, bringing back the proceeds of sale of an overseas property, or receiving funds from family, you will want to get the most Rands for your Dollar, Pound or Euro.  Utilising CharterForex’s bank-beating exchange rates and with no administration fees for transactions over R250k, you can be assured you will be maximising your funds.

Foreign exchange transfers are easy when you let Charter Forex do it for you!

If you aren’t yet ready to make a transfer, but you just want to get an exchange rate quote, please contact us and our dedicated team will give you the current rates.  Exchange rates move constantly, so any quote received is only valid for a trade made at that time.